Plastic Hood for ePMP1000 Conn Radio

Where can I find a plastic weather hood for an ePMP 1000 Connectorized radio? We plan to use it with a  High Perf DP parabolic antenna, like the RDH4508B. The radio will be mounted on a pole using the standard ePMP mounting bracket. 

I was hoping to get a hood similar to the one on a ePMP Force 100.

Does Cambium have a similar Hood that can be bought seperately to be used with the standard mounting bracket?

Any other alternatives?

I have not seen one for sale, but you can seal the coax with mastic tape and you won’t have a problem. Same stuff the cell carriers use to seal thier coax


Cambium Networks does not sell the existing hood as a standalone item.  My suggestion would be to source a used unit and deconstruct.