Please check me on this

We have all of our APs in our network set to 6 miles. They are 900 MHz and because of the terrain, there is little reason to extend them farther. However, I have one AP I would like to extend out to 9 miles. Using the Frame Rate Calculator, I have found that by changing the down link percentage from 75% to 77%, the and of course the miles from 6 to 9, I get exactly the same Uplink Rcv SQ Start of 11531. So… I should be able to make this change with out any negative effect of the network. Right? I want to check myself here before I put a single customer on that is beyond 6 miles.

Change all AP’s in the cluster so that they all share the same max range (in this case 9 mi.), downlink %, and control slots. I’d also highly recommend you use GPS sync and non-overlapping channels (906, 915, 924).

We do have GPS Sync from the CMM via the power port. If I change all APs on the tower to match each other, that would take care of my concerns for problems on that tower but my other towers, which can see this tower, would still be at the 6 mile setting and their timing would be off with the “9 mile” tower. Thats why I’m trying to use the Frame rate calc to find a matching Uplink SQ start time. My concern I guess is that the other parameters on teh frame rate calc don’t match such as the Uplink SQ End, Total Frame OH bits, Air Delay, and Uplink Xmt SQ Start. Uplink SQ Start, Data Slots, and Downlink Rcv SQ end all match exactly. I believe, according to Motorola, as long as the Uplink SQ Start is with 300 of each other, some say 150, then you are ok but that is what Motorola says, I’m looking for some real world field experiences here.

I apologize for not giving more details before.

If you get the same Rcv SQ start you will be good to go.

Thanks Jerry. I just needed someone else to verify what I was thinking.