Please excuse a dumb ? on site survey's

We are missing a step somewhere. It is simple… Please list a step by step “How do you conduct a site survey, for dummies”!

Step 1: ?
Step 2: ?
Step 3: ?

What are we doing wrong? Just tell me step by step what you are doing so I can figure out what we are doing wrong. I am just helping out, not even a paid employee, but this has to be simpler then what we are currently doing. Mostly 900 mhz with a few 5.7’s. Flat terrian with some trees. Ap are 370 feet up about 5 miles away. 7.2 software.

Help me please…
Sorry to ask what alot of folks might consider a dumb ?

P.S. Any recommendations for reading on site surveys and deploying the canopy? I have read the instruction manuel, just feel we are missing something very, very simple.

Thank you.

Why do you think you are doing something wrong? What is the problem?

Do a search in this forum for “spectrum” and you’ll find lots of previous posts regarding the Spectrum Analyzer. If you’re having a problem creating a plan-of-attack for general spectrum analysis, or interpreting the Canopy Spectrum Analyzer’s results, one thread you can look at is: … php?t=1073

I think we are doing something wrong in that it takes us days to install. We were using Mutt and Jeff for the installs. First mistake. I actually went out for a few of the site surveys and we got a signal. Then when they went back for the install, it turns into a 3 day project and looks like crap when they were done. Mutt and Jeff are history now. But, I did a few of these installs and it just seems like we are missing something. I have never done a spectrum analysis before. So this is probably the problem. I have read it all on this site and still don’t get it. I ordered a book called “Deploying License-Free Wireless Wide Area Networks” tonight. I hope after reading this, I may have a better understanding of the RF field. Until then, just twiddling my thumbs. I want to help out and learn as much as possible, but this RF stuff is over my head. Thanks for all the support though. I have learned alot since I started watching this site and now make a trip here daily.

why don’t you download instead the Canopy User Manual. It would answer most of Canopy USers Questions, instead of reading other books.

I guess, that will help.

I’m using a “Mutt & Jeff” that don’t even have a computer. They do two, sometimes three installs a day and they do it well. If we don’t have enough installs to keep them busy, they cut wood or do some other chore around the farm. They charge me $199 CDN per install, which on contract is just fine with me.

I kid you not, never underestimate an old farmer, these guys are up at 4:30am and work hard all day.

I have downloaded it and have been reading it. Just still a little confusing. And there are no step by step to the site surveys. I did complete an install yesterday in just about four hours. The link still had a jitter of 4 but the uplink and downlink were pretty consistiant ot 93% althought they did change every now and then. We have another WISP in a neighboring town. They are completed three installs per day. One of our customers has an office in their town and signed on with them. The two man team showed up to do the site survey and our customer asked a bunch of ? just trying to get some info and they pretty much didn’t talk at all, about one hour on site. Then the install crew came back a few days later and from start to finish it was just under two hours. Again, he was on site and asking ? and they would’nt talk at all. We are lucky if we can get one install done in one full day. I really think we need to get our site survey steps together and then make sure the crew is going step by step without skipping a step, which is what I think is happening. Instead of a series of steps in order, I think the crew just does the steps, probably not in order and thus missing something in the task.

Send me an e-mail to and when I get to the office I’ll send you the step by step that I came up with for the newbes that I have to hire periodically

I’m not sure what site survey you are wanting, the subscriber site or the tower site.

The sm side of the house. Thanks

When my crews go out, 1st they try to see if it’s going to be LOS or NLOS. 2nd they pick out the appropiate sm (5.7 or 900) mount it to a telescoping test pole and run it up till they get a signal. 3rd they make sure the sm will regester to the tower, no regestration, no installation. Sometimes you get good numbers but not able to regester due to RF interfearance. Once the sm regesters, do the installation.

Thank you for a site survey for dummies answer.

That is what we need. “Install for Dummies” LOL! Do you do a spect analysis at the sm site each time you do a site survey? That might be a game plan, doing the Dummies Book. LOL. Thanks all and I do appricate your help. We be Dummies here. LOL>

We only do a specrum analasys if we are having trouble with registration