Please fix the following with Google Maps integration

Google Maps integration needs some attention:
1. Please enable the ability to display either miles or kilometers in all maps and to save the preference
2. Make it so that you can use mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out (why is these feature only available in the manage -> Organize area when adding a network or tower?)
3. When in the Monitor -> Devices area, and looking at an SM, it would be really handy to be able to click on different SM in the map, and have the dashboard change to that item. Right now it just changes to the item in the map, but no information is updated.
4. Please make changes to the map layout (road or satellite) persistent throughout all maps, and saved, so when you exit and then go back to cloud manager, the map preference is saved
5. There's no way to use an address or map to set an SM's location after the onboarding process is complete. Only option that I can find is manually setting lat/long coordinates.
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So scratch item number 3... I figured out that if I double clicked a radio in the map, the dashboard would change to display that radio's information.

With respect to point 2:

You need to focus on the map by clicking on it and then mouse scroll can be used to zoom in/out. This behavior is because  the mouse scroll is also used to scroll the application page and will not work if mouse pointer is on the map.