Please help me with a BH30 issue

Hi everyone, I’m having a problem with a Canopy and I can’t find the

The equipment is a connectorized BH30 (6mts / 19.68 feet Diversity) with a solid 3ft Parabolic NHC
antenna (32dBi).

The distance of the link is 55.7 km.(182 742.782 feet)

This problem has been present constantly a week ago. In the Status
window I can see a legend like this:

Restricted because of byte errors on the wireless link

and the quality of the link goes down to BPSK and stays on that
modulation. This link has been working without any problems for a long

I give you some more data for you to see:

Receive Power -73 dBm
Vector Error -21 dB
Link Loss 162.9 dB
Software Version 5840-06-06
Hardware Version D04-R08-C

Let me know if you need something else, so I posted here.

Thanks to everyone,

Morales Rodrigo

Have you checked to see if any of the BH’s moved out of alignment? Also, how does the noise floor look?

Two main values to look for:
Vector Error - This is the SNR value, close to 0 is BAD, the further the better.
Signal Strength ratio - shows the difference between Horizontal & Vertical strenghts. You want this as close to 0 as possible. For integrated radios 0-3 is good for LOS installs. Above 10 an a connectorized NLOS is bad, check antenna.

Thanks for your answer, I just checked that information and the BH’s haven’t moved out of alignment.
The Vector Error value oscillates between -18 and -21, and the Signal Strength Ratio is between -0.1, 0.0 and 0.2, wich means that the link seems to be ok.
Could be an UTP/STP cable error?

It was a cable problem, I changed it and everything works fine.

Cheers! :smiley: