Please help me with connection problem!

Ok I’ve searched all over the net trying to find the cause or if anyone has had the same probleam as me but have found nothing. I have the canopy running through the surge pretector then to a switch then to my computer. When I first got it, it would work fine from about 9 or 10 in the morning till around 6 or 7 at night. After then the activity light on my switch from the canopy would go out. I’d then power cycle the canopy, wait and the activity light would come back on and the internet would work for only like 2 or 3 mins then the activity light would go out again. It did that all night untill sometime around 9 or 10 in the morning then it would work fine again till later that night. I also found that if I power cycle the switch really fast it also would bring the activity light back up but it still only lasted 2-3 mins. I went and bought a new switch to see it that was causing the problem but it still does the same thing. Tried bypassing the switch all together but my computer doesn’t recognize a cable being plugged into it if I plug the canopy directly into the computer for some reason. Now it’s losing the activity light all day now not just at night anymore. I’ve contacted my WISP but they have been no help. They’ve changed some settings but that’s about it. Does anyone know what could be causeing this and how to fix it? Thanks in advance…

I would recommend having the Ethernet port on the SM changed to 10/half. If you are still seeing connectivity problems then I would see if the Ethernet cable can be tested or replaced. Next would be to replace the power supply. Last would be to cable around the surge supressor.

We have a customer that has the same problem but less severe. He says once a day he has to unplug the power to the linksys 5 port switch. I checked the network with Ethereal to see if any of the computers was flooding the network. I also installed a UPS to see if the power had something to do with it. If the problem continues, i’ll try selecting 10 base t full duplex ONLY.

we have not seen anything like this on the actual CANOPY units.

but, i would try the power supply unit as well. maybe there is a POE issue.

Do you have a direct run cable or was it punched down. maybe something is causing an intermittent short.

We saw something similar on a trango unit, though the problem was that the actual POE Ethernet connector had a little corrosion on it.