Please upgrade ePMP AP/SMs and cnPilot R200/R201

Please upgrade ePMP devices, that are managed by cnMaestro, to either version 2.5.2 or to the latest ePMP beta, 2.6-RC13.

ePMP devices running version 2.5.1 are missing key improvements that can cause the devices to loose contact with cnMaestro and appear DOWN in the management system. Additionally, upgrading to version 2.5.2, or later, improves the overall scalability of the cnMaestro platform and will expedite relaxing the restrictions on onboarding additional ePMP devices.

If you have ePMP AP / SM devices with 2.5.1 that appear (incorrectly) as DOWN in cnMaestro but still have network connectivity, each of the following will restore the device’s connectivity to cnMaestro.

Recommended Option (if device appears DOWN):

  • Use CNS Server or other method to upgrade the ePMP AP/SM to version 2.5.2 or 2.6-RC13 (beta)

Alternate Options:

  • For ePMP SMs, de-register and re-register the SM to it’s AP.
  • For ePMP APs, break and re-establish the device’s network connectivity (or reboot the AP).
  • Change the configuration to DISABLE the device agent, SAVE, ENABLE device agent, SAVE

Once the device is upgraded to ePMP version 2.52. or later, the device will be protected from the entering this problematic state again.

Similarly, for cnPilot R200/R201, please upgrade the devices to the latest version, 4.2-R1. If the device currently, incorrectly, appears DOWN in cnMaestro, reboot the device. Again, upgrading to 4.2-R1 will prevent getting into this state again.

Recommended version for each device platform:

  1. cnPilot R200/R201 (Version : 4.2-R1)
  2. ePMP AP/SM (Version : 2.5.2)
  3. ePMP 1000 Hotspot (Version: 1.6-r20)
  4. cnPilot E400 (Version: 1.6-r20)
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I've been running 2.5.2 on all ap's and some sm's.

We did some adjusting from 20 band to 10 and on cnmastro all the sm's show down.

On another tower that we had auto channel selection off; we turned it on and all sm's in cnmastro shows down.

We can logged into them no problem and everything looks good.

Disable and reenable for cloud.

Guess that bugged is still out there.

Hi Rick -- could you please send the log from one of the problematic devices? It would also be good to include the MAC addresses of a couple of the failed devices, so we can validate them internally.

Thanks Emilio for the info. Will this new firmware also be available through at some point? Particularly, 4.2-R1 for cnPilot R200/R201.

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I was away for a few days and the sm's seem to resolved themselves.

We have released ePMP 2.6 version and its available from cnMaestro

For more detals please visit

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