PMP 100 will not register

PMP 100 SM was working fine with AP 5750 and GPS sync from CMM3.  GPS on CMM3 failed.  AP 5750 set to generate sync.  All SM's connected and ran for about 5 weeks.

CMM3 replaced with CMM4.  AP 5750 changed to receive sync from power port.  CMM4 is tracking 11 satellites and AP 5750 received sync.  All SM's except 1 reconnected and received sync from the AP.  Why will this one SM not connect?  Any idea?

Also, if AP 5750 is changed to again generate sync all SM's connect including the SM that will not connect when the AP 5750 gets the sync from the CMM4.  Furthermore, tried connecting the SM to other AP 5750 without luck if AP 5750 is receiving sync from the CMM4.

BTW, all other SM's and AP5750 are working fine with the sync from the CMM4.

I have sucessfully downgranded the firmware from 13.1.3 from 13.4 and it did not help.  All AP's and SM's are running 13.4 .

A Beta release 13.4.1(build 6) is available at which has done some sync alignment work for SM's not registering.   Can you try it on the AP and SM's ?

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Thank you Dave.  This seemed to have resolved the issue when both the AP and the SM were updated.

Hello guys 

i have the same problem ... AP100 on the tower with beta 13.4.1 and with 3 SM100's with the same firmware "beta", stil there is no registeration ??

at the AutoSync ===== the SM doesnt connect at all just see the signal for some time 
but at Generate Sync ===== the SM connect for 30s and dissconect  from the AP , and the ping between the AP and SM is very high .

Try downgrading the AP to 13.4 .   I did that after I replaced the CMM and it has been stable.  Also, be sure you have proper guard band between frequencies and are not having any interference.

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