PMP 15.1 update causes several sm's to stop passing traffic

If you go to tool / session / and drop session, traffic will sometimes pick back up only to drop shortly.

happened to two separate sm's, on two different towers, in two different states, that had heavy traffic.

Worked so good on Backhauls that I went ahead (against better judgement) and put them on ap/sm's

It took backhauls that were taking up to 10 minutes to link to an instant connection. So post is not only negative.

I put the two offending sm's back to 15.0.3 and they seem stable.

I moved one up to beta 15.1.1 and pings went into the 300 to 1600 range, taking back to 15.03

moving all sm's back to 15.0.3


Can you please send CNUT capture of affected SM's to solutions AT cambiumnetworks DOT com.



In case my english is not so good, this person describes it perfectly.

did send in as requested, but moved radios back to 15.0.3 as 15.1.1 was worse,

but now the issues is still there!

Once upgraded to 15.1 the issue stays even when reducing down to previous version.

noticed this on heavy use clients,

or maybe they are just the first to complain.

We lose a lot of customers of our 3.65-450AP licensed transmitter.

if this is why, it is really a sad deal....

Radio is still on the tower, just not responding to ping, and not passing any traffic,

go to sessions on ap and drop session, then all comes back fine.

Reboot radio and good for a little while,

000-000 0- Nosquito.PNG


I havent received the CNUT capture, please re-send to 

solutions AT cambiumnetworks DOT net