PMP-320 and Cold Weather?

Any one experiencing a significant performance decrease in 0 degree weather temperature on the PMP320 Platform?

We have no problems with cold weather. Did you do a proper weather-tightness on every module?

Of Course :wink:

Bringing an old post back from the past… We have multiple pmp320 installed through out our network. we started experiencing one of them rebooting randomly. We now are experiencing them all rebooting randomly and some more frequent than others. We had a similar issue with our alvarion equipment but when we switched everything from 10mhz to 5mhz the problem went away. What we have tried with the cambiums so far is the following…

1. Upgrade Firmware on basestation
2. Disable extended range
3. Disable Flow control
4. Upgrade all firmware on CPE
5. Upgrade firmware on cmm4
6. Switched from 10mhz to 5mhz

We are experiencing 0 degrees and sub zero degree weather
We thought it was possibly a bad base station until almost every 320 we had on our network started doing it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Can you tell me what Tampa # you have?

Are they:

3630CBA (New)
3630CAA (First addition of the PMP320)

We had boo-koo problems with cold weather on 3630CAA model. Swapped all them out to 3630CBA problems went away :wink:

do you know what revisions were made between the two models? or how i can find out?

The Tampa number would be on the AP it self or on the Box it came in.

I believe the new board came out with better memory chips.

we are running the AA model.
do you know of any service to repair this? we are experiencing it network wide.

Hit me off line

patl do you work for a little company in Millbrook? If not, then some folks I know have this problem too - our mutual CSE didn’t seem like he knew about this issue.

We’re further north than they are and haven’t seen any issues at -30. We have a pile of 3630AAs.

No I work for a small company in Woolstock, IA. We have 12+ units doing this. We assigned our AP’s public IP addresses and had cambium take a look and they all appear to be defective. They are replacing them even though they are out of warranty because of the known defect.

Ohhhh this is on the APs? I remember our demo units had some kind of fatal defect in them

We appear to be having this problem also, what do we need to do to get a Cambium engineer to take a look. I wasn't involved in the initial purchase/deployment.

The PMP 320 product was retired about 3 years ago, and there is no longer engineering support for these products.

Many apologies for this, but we do have the PMP 450 available to service this frequency, which is a much more capable product.  Please see the product page here.  There are solution papers also in order to help with migration from the older technology to the current 450 platform.

We've definitely run into CPEs acting up in the cold. Our solution has been to swap the CPE out for a Telrad CPE7000, which doesn't appear to have the issue. I imagine there are other WiMAX CPEs that are compatible, the Telrads are just what we had on hand.

Cambium isn't touching the PMP320 platform anymore, it's old and isn't actually Canopy.

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I spent a huge amount of time fighting with this issue, and we ended up dropping the 320s entirely and putting up 36 450s the moment they became available.

There is also an issue with the memory in the APs not working in cold weather, which causes seemingly random reboots.  We sent a bunch of them in on RMA, and msot of the replacements that were supposedly cold tested to make sure they were OK ended up exhibiting the same behaviour.

If you FTP into the AP, you can see the last five crash dumps with their creation dates so you can get an idea of how much of a problem it actually is and which APs you need to get rid of.