PMP-320 AP rebooting

Just upgraded a PMP-320 AP to e2.2.2 (downloaded today)
and the AP now just reboots about every 30 seconds or so.
Have tried downgrading back to the e2.2.1 but it will not
stay online long enough (cnut says remote dropped connection).

Any ideas please???

Replying to my previous just to get it recorded…

Answer is to login, configuration, air interface, mode and turn off extended range
Update, Save, reboot.
Yes, took us about 10 trys to actually get it with the unit rebooting, but once done,
it now has taken the update and appears to be working fine. Support says we can
turn extended range back on now, but I will probably wait on that a bit…

I’ve noticed lately to read all the release notes before upgrading. Did the same thing :wink: