PMP 320 CPE Upgrade issue

If you attempt to upgrade the PMP 320 CPE via CNUT, WEB, FTP and TFTP and get this failure:

BIMAGE Product is error!

A configuration parameter on the CPE needs to be disabled. If you are having trouble updating the CPE to Software Release version 5.8.8 over the air using CNUT, please ensure that your DMZ is turned off at the CPE.

CPE CNUT software package can be downloaded here :

When using CNUT to try and upgrade a CPE it fails with the error:
Error Transferring Files!!Login to FTP server authentication failure

The DMZ has been disabled on the CPE and the default credentials are being used.

admin/admin with snmp : private and v1

Is there a different login for the CPEs that is used for ftp? The documentation says to use admin/admin

I second this… tried logging in directly to ftp even with no luck, wireshark shows it sending the password entered in cnut… looks right. Also what is the point of telnet without being able to login ? (no passwords work with it i can find) 5.8.0 to 5.8.8 using cnut 3.20.11

- Joe

I called Moto and got the actual login info It is adminstartor/motorola only works for FTP tho.