PMP 320 External AAA

Some noob quesitons. Thanks in advance.

If the external AAA server goes down for a weekend, what would the consequences be?

We’re trying to determine whether we should just install the WISPToolbox on a CentOS 6 desktop we already have connected to the network. The script detailed at … 41&lang=en was probably made with the assumption of a new CentOS install. Any potential consequences if it is not a new install?

If the AAA server goes down no clients can connect. It’s really kind of embarrassing that PMP320 APs only support a single RADIUS server (PMP100 runs 3…) - so don’t let it go down!

Never used the WISP Toolbox installable before, just as a VM. Looks neat but didn’t have DHCP integration

When you say connect, do you mean they cannot perform initial authentication? If they are already up, will they stay up as long as they don’t go down and need to reconnect?

I agree that the PMP 320s could use improvement. I’ve heard that Cambium has plans to bring 3.65 to their PMP 450 line. Anyone else hear that?

That’s right. Same as if you lost Prizm in Canopy gear.

Haven’t heard about a 3.65 PMP-450. I think most people are waiting for the ‘usual’ unlicensed freqs first. I know I am. 3.65 has different requirements than the other bands and I’d be very surprised if Cambium abandoned all of that development capital.