PMP 320 QOS questions

Just a question on the QOS on the PMP320 AP. If you create a QOS, lets say 5 meg down, can that QOS be also used for upload? I have several QOS settings. I have 5 meg, 3 meg, 2 meg, and so on. If I setup a client with the 3 meg QOS for downloar, can I also use that QOS to give another client 3 meg upload??

Are you using HARQ? Profiles with HARQ enabled can only be provisioned in the upstream.

If no HARQ, yes, you can use the same QoS Profile for US & DS. My VoIP service flows are all configured that way.

You can use HARQ on the downstream.  Because of the noisy and heavily treed environment where we're located, we had to use a lot of HARQ retries on both the up and downstream or we had staggeringly high rates of packet loss.

That's for best effort service flows, it might not be the case for other types.