PMP 320 SNMP Community string issue on the AP

For the PMP320 AP, the SNMP community string should be <username>_<password>
So, if you are using the default username/password it will be admin_admin

If you create a new account e.g. XYZcorp with password of XYZaccess with admin privilege, community string could be used as XYZcorp_XYZaccess.

The latest PMP 320 AP CNUT software package can be downloaded here:

This is really really bad, and unacceptable for production environments.

Does this work for all User Levels? Does an admin User Level give SNMP write access? Does an Installer User Level account give SNMP read or write access?

The March 2010 Administration and Configuration Guide says on page 18 that the AP supports SNMPv1 while Table 1-12 says the CAP supports SNMPv2c. Does it truly support both?

Will user-configurable SNMP read and write community strings be a configurable option very soon?