PMP 320 to PMP 450i - X Pattern

Does 450i use an X pattern on the AP and SM units like PMP320 units?

Yep, AP and clients use dual-slant polarity.

When using the high gain external antenna, do I need to put it in a diamond or do I leave it square when mounting? The 320 high power units needed to be in the diamond shape. Just wanting to make sure since I did not find any info on this. Thanks

For 450, you can mount everything normally, no need to slant it on a 45 degree angle. The software can compensate for any polarity changes due to multipath or diffraction effects.

Would it be better if I do mount it with the slant? Is there any gain or loss mounting it with the slant versus not? The antennas do give me this option so I’m just wondering. Thanks again.