PMP 400 or 430

I recently upgraded all of our wireless units from 8.4.2 to 13.2.  I'm not sure whether these are PMP 400 or 430 units, but I'm not able to upgrade past 13.2 using the OFDM (DES) 13.4 package available for PMP 430s, but I was able to use the PMP 430 13.2 (DES) package to get them to that version.

This is unfortunate, as some of them are giving us false radar detections and then not properly switching over to a different frequency resulting in a need to reboot.  I have downgraded some back to 12.2 for the time being. 

Any ideas here?  Attempting to upgrade to 13.4 simply produces a "Update file not found" message within CNUT.  I am running the very latest version of CNUT too (as of a few days ago).

The support team will probably need additional information from you in order to properly address this issue.  Please open a support ticket here and one of our staff will be able to help.

Thanks Matt.  I have talked to them previously and they tried looking up the model by MAC Address, but still couldn't locate model type.  I'll put in another ticket with them though. If nothing else, we'll leave them at version 13.2, but I would like to figure out a workaround for the false radar detections on a couple of them.