PMP 430 and PMP 450 compatibility.


I need to know if antena suscriber PMP430 5490SM4 is compatible with suscriber PMP450 C054045C001A.

The Access Point point-multi point, is a PMP430. PMP450 works with this AP?

The Specs are similar, but differ:
- Frecuency Range (5470 - 5875 MHz) - (5470-5725 MHz)
- Phisycal Layer: OFDM 256FFT - 2x2 MIMO OFDM.


A PMP 430 AP will not work with a PMP 450 SM. It will work the other way around - a PMP 450 AP and a PMP 430 SM will work.

You will need the correct firmware on the PMP430 SM though, that has "PMP 450 interoperability mode".

12.1 onwards seems to have this feature. I've been using 13.3.