PMP 430: Firmware support and how to upgrade using CNUT Autoupdate Feature

PMP 430 Subscriber Modules are forward compatible with PMP 450 Access Points. This article talks about the upgrade path to be followed and how we can make use of Autoupdate feature to upgrade Subscriber Modules.

To upgrade the PMP 430 radios, we need to use the CNUT tool. The upgrade path will be as follows-

13.4.1 (PMP 430 firmware) à 14.2.1 (PMP 450 firmware) à 15.1.x (PMP 450 firmware) à 16.0.1

Note – If using “DES Encryption”, 15.2.x firmware release, ‘DES Encryption’ is no longer supported.

PMP 430 firmware can be downloaded on the Cambium Networks Support Website-

The last firmware release for PMP 430 was 13.4.1 version.

Moving forward, we need to use the PMP 450 firmware to upgrade the radios using CNUT tool.

Note- PMP 430 radios can be upgraded to up to 16.0.1 firmware version.

The latest firmware is available on the Highlighted ‘Current tab’ whereas the older firmware version are available on the Highlighted ‘Archive tab’.

SM Autoupdate Feature

Autoupdate, which allows an Access Point to instruct a Subscriber Module to perform a software upgrade. The Access Point examines the current software version and FPGA versions on the Subscriber Module to determine if an upgrade is required, and if required it gives the command to the Subscriber Module to perform the appropriate update. As a part of the command, the Access Point tells the Subscriber Module where it can obtain the latest software and firmware.

You can select Access Points (Network Elements) or Network Branches for SM Autoupdate.


 – It is recommended to upgrade same type of Subscriber Modules and Subscriber Modules running the same firmware version together. This will make the upgrade process more efficient and higher upgrade success rate.

 – Depending on the type of Subscriber Module, when upgrading from a PMP 450 Access Point, it may have memory issues and fail to upgrade the Subscriber Modules. If this issue occurs, please upgrade each production model separately. This is not an issue with PMP 450i or PMP 450m.