PMP 450 13.4 version AP interoperability with PMP 450i version 14.1.1

We have a working environment with PMP AP 450 software version 13.4 . We want to add another Hub but with the new PMP 450i, Software version 14.1.1. The SM's installed are half of them 13.4 and some

The two Hub AP's work in different frequencies.

To come to my question, we have added the new 450i AP's frequency on the existing SM's. Then when we reboot the SM, it will register to the New Hub 450i APs for just 8-10 seconds then it will force to restart the AP and went back and register to the Old System 450 AP. Do you think this happens because of the software versions? Could you please help us on this matter?

I'm pretty your issues are being caused by the huge differences in firmware revisions between AP's and SM's. Why haven't you updated everything to 15.1.1?

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Thank you Eric. I'll create a test environment and check it first. Then I will plan the upgrade for the live environment.

Stay away from Radius if you are using 14.1.1

Thank you for your input Clay. We haven't started using Radius server to authencticate the SMs. But we have Manageable switch after the SM. We are using Radius to connect to it. Do you think this has anything to do with the above problem?

I had all kinds of problems with 14.1.1. If you were using Radius for the SM's I would say definitely yes.  It sounds a little like what you descibe, the SM's connect for a few seconds then they drop and your SM's reg counts go though the roof.  With your setup, the manageable switch after the SM, I do not know. I would only be guessing and I would hate to send you down the wrong rabbit hole and waste time.

Thank you so much Clay.

But did the problems got resolved after you upgraded to the new version that you are currently using? What software version are you using now?