PMP 450 ADI and RF Calibration Failures

In addition to all the MSNs listed in the FSB I have already run into 6 radio failures where the last three characters of the MSN are Rxx.  The issue appears to go well beyond what is listed in the MSN.  Wish there was an easier test than plugging in and waiting to see if it fails within 24 hours, as most have, although I had one fail after working for 72 hours.

Edit: Make that 8 out of the FSB range.

Edit:  Not sure if this is significant but all the radios in that order were double labeled ( had a second label over the original) appearing that they had already been reworked.  

Please work with the support team on these units.  We understand that there may be some additional failures (outside the identified range of serial numbers) and are working to track these down in the hopes of amending the larger list.

Also, the labels get changed when units are reprogrammed in the factory.  It's a model change (via programming), rather than a re-work.