PMP 450 APs give up on trying to connect to cnMaestro (on-premise).


We've had the issue where some PMP 450 APs that show as Offline for x amount of days in cnMaestro (on-premise) are actually up, onfigured correctly, able to reach cnMeastro through ping, but are not even trying to connect to cnMaestro as the Device Agent Logs show the last entry to be:

07/14/2019 : 09:34:44 ECT : : Missed 5 consecutive PONGS, disconnecting with server

on a date exactly x amount of days ago (the same amount of days the device has been "Offline" for). Rebooting the AP made it reconnect to cnMaestro successfully again.

Is it normal behavior for them to stop trying to connect to cnMaestro after a number of tries? Has this issue been identified or fixed in the new or upcoming versions so that it doesn't require a reboot?

The APs are running

Thank you

When this occurs are the APs hitting 100% CPU usage?  There was an issue where that would happen and cause a disconnection from cnMaestro.  It should have been fixed in but perhaps the fix is in 16.1.

I did not look at the CPU usage at the time, so I cannot tell if it was high. The issue you linked you, however, shows the exact same log messages we found on our Device Agent Logs. We will update to 16.1 and see if this is resolved. If we see it again we'll update this post.


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