PMP 450 color codes


         We have a Cluster PMP 450, would like to know what parameter should I configure the AP to the SM or SM is conect to AP even with different color codes, and what would be the best way to set the color codes? each AP with a different color or cluster with the same color?

Thank you.


During frequency planning, using Color Codes ensures that your SMs that you configure register to the correct PMP 450 AP that you want to give the best customer experience. You can configure your APs to have different Color Codes if you are planning on using frequency re-use. (e.g. an ABAB frequency plan.)

In the PMP 450 SMs that you deploy, you as an operator, have the option to list up to 10 Color Codes. So if you are planning to have SMs register to your adjacent APs in a cluster that is possible on the SM by selecting the appropriate frequency scan list and the appropriate color code. We understand if you have an AP in a cluster and one fails you may want your customers to register to an adjacent AP, while you replace the AP that is out of service.

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