PMP 450 Link Test All

The frame utilization tool is an excellent addition but without per SM utilization satatistics it's really only half of whats required. Until then I would like to propose  the ability to run a link test on all connected SMs with a single click and have the data displayed on a single page possibly on the link status page of the AP.

This is a fantastic idea.  Having to go through and do a link capacity individually on 30+ SMs eats a lot of time.

Could the SMs track their average modulation as a statistic which is then displayed under session info?

Sorry to hijack things, but this would be a great addition to the ePMP line as well.  It's very time consuming to run throughput test on a bunch of SM's manually - it'd be GREAT to be able to test a whole bunch of them in sequence, or to test a whole bunch of them simultaneously.