PMP 450 max throughtput is 132Mbps

PMP 450 max throughtput is 132Mbps ?

the older 450 no. The newer 5GHz and 3GHz 450i+m yes, and more.

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At 20 MHz channel bandwidth and 2.5 ms frame, yes. At 20 MHz 5 ms frame, it increases to 150 Mbps. In addition, the 450 supports up to 30 MHz for over 200 Mbps. The 450i/MicroPoP supports 40 MHz channel bandwidth for 260 Mbps.

The 450m supports up to 40 MHz and can do 7 MU-MIMO streams for max throughput of around 1.2 Gbps.

All 450 SMs (450/450i/450b) support all channel bandwidths.

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