PMP 450 - Most Stable Version?

Seeking opinions.  What is the most stable software version for the PMP 450?

Preferably the most stable version   >=14.x

Do you have a lab for testing software versions?  If so, what stress testing do you perform?

I thought 14.2.1 was going to be the ticket, but hit a glitch with it, same glitch that we experience with 12.1.3 and that worried me. 

I have concerns about upgrading to and the version seem to be coming out every month.  i dont want to upgrade all our radios every month.

Thank you for your time.  Hopefully the information gathered on this thread, if any, will help others as well.

15.0.2 is the most stable.

we've upgraded our whole network and it's working great!



Doug - What is the glitch that remained from 12.1.3 to 14.2.1??  Is it something that we've acknowledged?

Just don't want you to be disappointed if you try 15.0.2, and it's still there.

It's related to an issue we had, which involved sending about 5 SM's into Cambium for investigation.  The SM's and AP's in our network run 12.1.3 because it had been the most stable we had seen.  SM's started dropping like flies (after about a year) and they weren't dying per say.  they could see the AP's RF signal (strength) but they couldnt see the beacons anymore.   We hoped to get an answer as to why that was happening, but we were told to just upgrade.  (per usual).

so as we could, we upgraded radios to 14.2.1 and it was moving along smoothly until the last one that i upgraded.  The SM was 12.1.3 and had a different complication that the aforementioned bug.  Upgraded and we completely lost it.  It couldnt see any beacons.  Downgraded to 12.1.3 and it could see all the beacons and register to a 12.1.3 AP and could see the beacons for a 14.2.1 AP.  Upgraded again since it was registered and could see the 14.2.1 beacons.  Dead again.  Exact same symptoms as the 12.1.3 issue which caused us to send in SM's.  

The very reason we requested from Cambium the reason why this was happening rather than the default, upgrade, answer was because it could happen again if we dont understand the root of the problem.

so here we sit....same problem on the 14.2.1 and 15.x code has introduced new features which could come with new bugs.  we just want a stable version that works with the features we already have.  New features can come later, so long as they come with stable software.  

The problem with this issue that we have is that it hasnt been identified.  The SM's that had the issue that we sent in were immediately upgraded....the exact opposite of our request, but none the less.