PMP 450 product family guide

Hi! I have a C054045A001A AP working with several C054045C001B SMs.

My reseller is now offering me these two options to add more SMs to my network:

- C050045C011A

- C050045C002A

I can't find any guide to check if any of them can work with my C054045A001A AP

Any help is welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Great question.

The 450 platform is interoperable between 450, 450i, 450b and 450m.

That is, you can mix and match as needed.

A 450, 450i or 450m Access Point (AP) can have Subscriber Modules (SM) that are 450, 450i, 450d or 450b.

The two models that you list below are:

C050045C011A - 450b Mid-Gain (17 dBi)

C050045C002A - 450i Integrated Flat Panel (23 dBi)

You can see more of the specifications on the 450 Product web page here.