PMP 450 Rugged High Gain 6dbm Transmit power

Is there anyone else noticing Rugged High Gain 450 SUs are coming up at 6dbm transmit power? We are seeing this too often. A fix we have is relenquishing the grant from the AP or associating to another sector and then back to our original sector.

We are using the On-Premesis version on Maestro and firmware 16.1.2 (Beta-2).

I have forwarded this to our support team


My initial reaction was, you are likely running into a Regulatory limit on the SM's transmit power prior to an authorized grant from the SAS.   But your fix/workaround is interesting. I will try to reach out to you via private channel for more discussion

BTW, I assume you mean to say you are running 16.2.1 BETA-2?



Correct, yes 16.2.1 BETA-2

I figured out my issue. I was entering in my EIRP request wrong.... thanks for the help.

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Thanks for posting this. This information may be useful to another operator that finds himself in a similar situation.

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