PMP 450 SM - PMPi 450 AP - 3.65 - QOS settings for speed packages

I have been messing with this off and on today and have some questions about building speed packages in the SM.

My goal is to have a 6M/2M and a 12M/4M profile for my customers. The 6M/2M seems to be working fine, see attached image to make sure I am doing this right. This issue is the 12M/4M package, while I can set the Allocation and MAX bust to 12M/4M, I cannot go above 10M sustained combined....why not? Is there a way around this? In testing a 2 second test looks fine, anything longer and it dips down to the sustained rate which I can only get to be 8M/2M. But yet before I started to install these profiles I could click off 30plus meg speedtests.

I have been reading about these settings and am not sure I fully understand them. All I want to do is limit my subs to either one of those speed profiles.

AND Cambium, would it be too much to ask for a warring about setting the sustained rates to 0!!?? I was doing some remote testing with one of my SM in the field and stranded it when I set my sustained rates to 0 thinking this would bypass the sustained thing. wrong... I had to go change the unit out and bring it back to the shop. Any little note or warning would have been great.

If anyone can help clear my thought process up a little on these settings that would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

So the SM shown in the screen capture has a software license limit of 10Mbps. This means that the Sustained Rates for your Downlink and Uplink combined cannot be more than 10Mbps. Purchasing an upgrade key will allow you to unlock this SM to be able to achieve faster speeds.

Additionally you can fudge the limitation of the software license by playing with your burst settings.

PMP450 uses a token bucket rate limiting system. (See the attached image.)

What you DONT have much control over is the MIR as you are capped by the 10Mbps. You can however set a very large bucket size. (The settings allow 2.5 Gigabits = ~312.5 Megabytes.) And you can set the Burst value to your 12M/4M.

When a customer has not used their Internet for an extended period of time then they will have 2.5 Gigabits of usage saved up that they can attempt to exhaust at the 12/4Mbps rate that you set in the burst. Once they have exhausted the bucket they will drop down to the 8/2Mbps that you have set in the sustained rate though.

Also, it is worth noting that we are moving away from this tiered throughput licensing model that limits the speeds of certain SMs. The new PMP450b SMs come completely uncapped.

I hope that helps.


Very much so, thank you!

We also have a Whitepaper discussing this topic in more detail available on the site:

PMP 450 MaxBurst

Have a read in case it might shed additional light on the topic for you... let us know if we can help further.

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