PMP 450 SM to PMP450i

I am trying to connect a PMP450 SM to a PMP450i Access Point. I was told this would be no problem, but they do not link up. I get OUT-OF-SYNC on the SM and then it goes back to scanning. 

Both AP and SM are in the same room and I have set them back to default. 

What am I missing?

What firmware rev are you running on each and on what band for each?

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When I went to type this message, I realized AP wa on 14.1.0 

After upgrading to 14.1.1 the SM will now register. Sorry about that. 

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I've ran into that problem before. radio will registered and then goes in idle status. Both AP and SM have to have same firmware, by the way the 14.1.2 Beta is already available. Perhaps, you can upgrade to the latest firware and make it work