PMP 450 SMs lose sync and do not see AP using firmware

We have updated our entire network to We are now seeing sms lose sync to AP. They just sit there and do not see anything. The AP does not see the Sm either.  Wondering if anyone is experiencing this issue.

A little more information might provide a direction on where to look for issues.

First, the current software is R15.0.1 (not hopefully, that's just a typo.

Second, what type of equipment are you using? What model?  What sync source?

If we can't figure it out quickly, I would recommend opening a support ticket.

This is the firmware version. Software Version : CANOPY AP-None .

All my documentation refers to it as

We are running PMP 450 on 61 sites. SMs cant seem to stay connected to any of our APs for more than 12 hrs. Some are a couple of days, but most the count and reg count keep climbing. They never re-reg. We are using CMM4s for gps on 4 sector Towers. The omni sites and double and single sectors are using autosync, generate sync, and auto sync + free run. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If the sites are within "hearing" distance of ANY other sites, you should not be using "generate sync" on any of them... this means that the AP will generate its own timing, which is far less accurate than the GPS pulse.  This will definitely result in self-interference issues.

All sites that are nearby should have a source of 1PPS pulse from GPS, and rely on that for timing.

I would highly recommend getting all units to R15.0.2 (just released yesterday), and ensuring that all APs are properly synchronized using CMM, UGPS or other timing devices.

"Free Run" or "Generate Sync" will definitely cause issues and result in poor behavior. With omni-directional antennas, the sites become very highly susceptible to interference because they are listening 360 degrees for signals.  If these sites are not properly synchronized, they will be your biggest problem.