We have a network where we have more the 100PMP450 AP 0n 5x frequency band, I have used CMM4 for management and synchronization The area has high interference level. Which software version would you gys recommend that has high interefrence resistance, currently am using software version CANOPY 16.0.1 AP.

I don't think firmware is going to get you interference resistance.  It's a fundamental Shannon's theorem thing, if S/N is poor you're probably screwed, unless you can switch to a different frequency.

One exception would be interference from your own or another WISP's Cambium equipment, you can try and use the GPS timing to mitigate interference.

Another would be MU-MIMO.  If you upgraded your APs to 450m, the narrow beams might help with interference.  If the interference is inline with the customers, though, you're still probably screwed.  My limited experience with 450m says you first need to fix all your poor S/N, low modulation links or the gains from MU-MIMO will be limited.