PMP 450i 3 GHz webinar replay

The recording of today's webinar is here. Please post your questions and comments to this thread

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Does the new product 450i 3GHz support CBRS or a new Hardware is requried?

The PMP 450 product is technically capable of supporting the defined CBRS spectrum (3550-3700 MHz) once the spectrum is formally available.  The launch of PMP 450i has brought additional capabilities to the 3 GHz platform, again technically capable of performing across the band (including the new frequencies).  PMP 450i was granted FCC license under the existing Part 90 rules.

With respect to the new CBRS rules (Part 96), Cambium Networks has every intention of having the existing products (and any new products in this band) operate under the new rules.  Cambium Networks is actively engaged with WinnForum, the industry steering group that is developing the specifications under which the CBRS rules will operate; and actively engaged with WISPA and the FCC in advocating allocation of the spectrum and the rules governing its utilization.  In addition, Cambium Networks has a trial agreement to work with several of the SAS (Spectrum Access System) providers in order to ensure compatibility and functionality within this new system.

The new CPE, I'm still waiting on pricing numbers for, but I'm expecting it to be on the high side.  

Is there anything happening with the CPE pricing in general?  New licensing models?

I would love if we could stock one wide-band radio, but perhaps pay extra to turn it into a ptp450i?  Or limit it (but to something more modern than antiquated 4, 10 and 20 limits of the old radios....)

The 450i AP slapped on the back of the sector is so sexy and saves lots of setup time.

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