PMP-450i 900MHz SM Antenna Mounting Bracket Down/Uptilt

Hi Folks - Does the current PMP450i 900MHz SM antenna mounting bracket support mechanical down/uptilt? --Will Will McCutcheon | Williams | Senior RF Engineer | Wireless Infrastructure Group Office: 405-727-1365 | Cell: 405-318-1499 | Suite MSN-2076 | 525 Central Park Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Yes, the current SM mounting bracket that comes with the Yagi antenna does support up and down tilt of the antenna.

Typically this is not really needed that much as the elevation beamwidth of this antenna is fairly generous (38 degrees), but with the adjustments (you can see the slot in the 2nd picture below) you should be able to fine tune the signal.


Nice 8.8 structural steel bolts.

Hurricane ready mounting bracket maybe?

Zipties should probably be black UV resistant.

Actually, the zipties are not there in the shipping product.  They were removed, and deemed unnecessary from a tehcnical standpoint.

OK.  But I'm pretty sure mine came with zipties exactly as in your picture.  Probably early production.

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