PMP 450i FishCam is Live!

Please check out the live stream feed of Cambium Networks PMP 450i FishCam!

This is a PMP450i SM installed inside an aquarium along with our company pets, which includes a Gourami, some Platies, a couple of Pleco's, and a Red Tailed Shark!

The SM is fully operational and the camera is an underwater PoE  camera being powered by the submerged 450i device in the video.  The video stream itself is actually going across the radio link from this SM.   

This setup greets anyone who comes to visit us in our Rolling Meadows, IL office and has been in place and running since October, 2015.  This installation shows the resillience of the PMP450i and its IP67 rated enclosure.

Enjoy watching our company pets streamed to you live via the PMP450i!