PMP 450i low BW request

We have a PMP450i 900 AP that has consistently run a low BW request percentage, i.e. in the 67 percent range, regardless of the frequency. DL efficiencies are good but UL run in the mid 70 percentile range. SA does not show any blatant interference.

The AP is a 450i 900 Mhz on KP performance OMNI running a 7 Mhz channel with 20.0.1 software and auto contention ON. We are using GPS sync. Its sister site 5 miles away is set the same, not that they can see each other due to terrain. Its sister is not experiencing these issues with BW request in the upper 80 percentile range and UL efficiency in the 90 percentile.

The AP is very rural and most of the subs modulate at 8X/6X MIMO B or better with one exception at 8X/5X MIMO B.

I’m trying to understand what effects low BW request have. Reading through the documentation I haven’t found a good explanation.

The obvious answer is interference at the Omni but the SA doesn’t show it and frequency changes across the spectrum don’t change anything .

The KP performance OMNI is not ideal but do not expect to have much more than 10 to 12 the AP and the expense of multiple sectors is hard to justify.

So bottom line, the question is how low is to low on BW requests and what is the fallout?

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@Riverrat, thanks for posting. We have reproduced this issue internally. The Bandwidth Request Percentage stat is not working correctly, especially in low traffic scenarios. This was seen on 16.2.X as well as 20.0.1. Unfortunately until this is fixed this stat should not be depended on in these releases.

Generally a lower bandwidth request percentage can mean the SM are unable to request bandwidth from the AP right away, would could to lead to some increased uplink latency. It is completely normal for some to be missed and SM will automatically retry.

Thanks Charlie, good to know. I just didn’t want to wake up with customers outside with pitchforks and torches. We haven’t received any complaints so won’t lose any sleep over it.