PMP 450i minimum input voltage

Hi Forum,

I'd like to get some information regarding the PMP 450i as well as the ePMP 2000. Specifically, i want to know the minimum working voltage of the unit. The data sheet says 48-59V. Is 48V the absolute minimum voltage that can be presented to the unit to maintain operation?

Any assistance would be great.


While the radio may operate down to 46 VDC, we specify 48 VDC to account for drop in voltage across the line.  Recommended power supplies have output voltage of 54-56 VDC in order to allow for 100m of line, so that ingress to the radio is still around 48 VDC.

If you start at something less than 48 VDC, there is a chance that what goes into the radio will not be enough to power the device properly, and may cause errors in operation, or even shutdown of the radio.