PMP 450i NAT


I have two questions about NAT and PPPoE on PMP 450i.

1) Enabling NAT, I only have 10 ports in "NAT Port Mapping". Does it mean I can only map 10 ports?! What if I want to do a full NAT? On ePMP I can add how many ranges I want, here I'm forced to insert ports, and only 10!

2) Using PPPoE the SM is reachable and can reply to ping, but how can I enable management on this IP?

Thank you

1. Yes, we only have option to Map 10 ports, but I will have to check if there is any alternative.

2. For this please make sure the Remote Management interface is Enabled and using the WAN or Remote Managment interface(if configured).
Note: Please try release 14.1.2 , since we have fixed a similar issue there on this release.