PMP 450i - Quick Start

Hello guys,

I won a PMP 450i + 3 High Gain SMs in the last Video Contest.

I'm currently an ePMP user and PMP 450i is very different from ePMP.

I would like to understand the basics and how I can optimize it to its best. I'm trying to read it all but

Do you have some suggestion for me about that?

I managed to connect an SM to the AP, and I updated to the last beta to support 30MHz channels, but speed and modulation rates aren't very high, maybe because I'm doing some tests in my lab and the signal is too high. I'm going to do an outdoor real test soon.

Another thing: using ePMP I have the option "Flexible" to enable my users to use all aggregate bandwidth available. In some conditions, I had excellent results with this mode. Is it available in PMP 450i?

I would like to try to offer some high bandwidth plan to a very small number of users (100Mbps download, is it possible using 30MHz?).

I would also know if it's possible to hide "General Status" without login.

Thank you


Below are the answers to your queries related to PMP 450i Radio :

1.The modulation and the speed of the PMP 450i radio are totally depend upon the setup that how you are deploying the radios in the field.
To get best performance,please make sure that radios are alligned and configured properly.

2.As we do not have flexible mode option in PMP 450i like ePMP radio,however,we can mention the downlink data as per our requirement under configuraion>>radio>>radio configuration >>downlink rate.

3.The PMP 450i are degined to give a aggregate throghput of 125 Mbps but this will again depend on the many factors like the number of devices connected to the AP and the moduations at which the radio's are operating.

4.We do not have option to hide the general status without login.

If you have any query regarding the operation,configuartion and optimization of the PMP 450i radio, please send us an email to with your details and we will contact you.

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Hello, my contribution:

PMP450i is the best platform to fight intercerence, if you use epmp for residential or soho, you can use PMP450i for emterprice customers.

on 30Mhz and sm on 6x or 8x you can get 130-160Mbps agregate.

for lab tests, try lowering power until -50dbm both ends.

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Thank you for your answers! I tested PMP 450i and I can confirm I can reach up to 194Mbps in a clean 30MHz channel with 8x modulation on SM.
How much C/I is needed for max modulation? On the data sheet I can only find SNR.
When is 40MHz expected? Reading the roadmap it should be already available but I can only see 30MHz.
There are some zones where I have available spectrum and it would achieve very high speed (> 250 aggregate)!

I noticed the ping is stable but not “rock stable” even if signal is high and modulation 8x. There is a little bit of jitter. Is there something I can do to maximize ping stability to amaze my enterprise customers :)?

What speed profiles are other wisps here offering on PMP 450i on enterprises only?

The PMP 450i are intilaly degined to give a aggregate throghput of 125 Mbps to support upto 20 MHz,however,MIR Cap is increased to 230 Mbps with capability to support 30 MHz channels with the Beta System Software 14.2 (Build 30).

We do not have C/I option available in our devices, However; to achieve maximum modulation, the SNR value should be greater than 30 db.

At this moment, we do not have release date for the software with 40 MHz channel bandwidth.

If device is getting ping drops to the local device;the reason could be the issue on the ethernet side or with the negotiation and if the device is getting drops while pinging remote device then there could be the issue with the channel conditions,however, If device is running on maximum modulation,it should get the solid ping.

Hi Giuseppe,

If you wish to hide the information on the General Status page, you can do so in the following manner:

- Go to the "Configuration -> Security" tab

- Disable "Site Information Viewable to Guest Users" if you wish to hide the site information box

- Enable "Security Banner during Login"

- Enter whatever text you would like displayed instead of the status information

- Set "User must accept security banner before login" according to your personal preference

When there is no user logged into the radio, you should now see the security banner text instead of the General Status page.

-- Josh