PMP 450i SM built in antenna or external yagi only

As we are gearing up for our test with the 450i I am curious about the SM and if you must use an external yagi antenna? If the SM has direct LOS with the AP does it have an internal antenna that can suffice? Do I need to test with the yagi plugged in to keep from damaging the radio?


What band are you testing with? 900MHz and/or 5GHz?

As a good practice you should always have an antenna or dummy load connected to a radio that's transmitting to prevent damage over time.

Testing with 900MHz.

Thank you for the link, I've been following most of those guidelines, just fired everything up for the first time and got a connection. As I configure it more I will have the  frequency turned to none.

The AP and SM's use external antennas. There are no models with integrated patch antennas. There are some patch antennas for 900MHz, but they're big and expensive.

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