PMP 450i SM issue

I have a problem with pmp 450i SM if i uncheck all the carriers from the radio im able to mannage and ping the antenna normaly
but when i select the frequancy carrier of the AP the and the SM begin to regester to the AP the antenna becomes unmannagable and the ping has high packet loss
I replaced the SM with another one and tried to change the subnet but i faced the same issue, any advice Please ?

Are you running any VLAN's over the radios?

No sir just a native vlan for the swith port and the radios are transparent the scenario contains 4 cluster and a cmm5 and that sector contains 3 sm’s that are up and running and i have no problems with them also The cmm gps signal some how is not working

After the SM registers to the AP, can you then get into the SM management through the AP's direct connection (back door) to the SM... through the session or link status list on the AP?

I am directly connected through the lan port in the power injector once the sm begin to regester i am unable to enter the mannagment page or ping it properly


The only time I have seen what you have decribed is when there is a duplicate IP address on the network. In that case, once you connect you may be not be ping the local radio anymore. Instead you may be pinging the remote raio with the same IP. I certainly could be wrrong but, I would try pinging that IP on the network before putting the new SM back up. Alternatively, you could just try a different IP on the new SM.