PMP 450i Spanning Tree Interoperability

 Hi all,

I am currently expeirencing some issues with 450i AP & 450i SM not forwarding STP traffic. We have multiple redundant links all configured on Cisco switches RPVST+. Is there any particular configuration on the PMP 450 for STP to function as intended? I currently do not have VLANs configured as our switches tag each port as required (Operating as a bridge)

Any assistance is muchly appreciated in advance

I have forwarded this to our support and development teams.


Do you currently have a ticket open with the Cambium Support team regarding this issue?

If you do, could you PM me the ticket number and I'll have a look into this issue for you.

I would need some of your switch config for validation and testing so I would prefer to collect that via the ticket than the forums.



Was there a reply for this at all? Looking to use rapid pvst on install using Cisco switches with Cambium 450i