PMP 450m 3 GHz Sync-over-power

I’m curious: what is the intended pinout for using “Cambium Sync-over-power” on the 3 GHz medusa?

Are we still going to use 4x pins for power, and run sync over one or both pairs; or are we going to use only 2x pins for power and 2x pins for sync?

Thank you, Chris

On 3 GHz 450m, there needs to be DC power to the device. You can still use cnPulse to the “MAIN” Ethernet port to provide Sync to the radio using Cambium Sync as you mention (it is a straight-thru Ethernet cable pinout).

The configuration options are noted in the last set of diagrams in this post:

If this doesn’t answer your question, please let me know.

@CambiumMatt , I am actually asking about the Sync-over-power feature. The 450m requires DC power over a 4-pin plug. It is stated that the DC power could be used in the future for “Sync-over-power”. That way, the radio could receive power, sync, and fiber using only 2 cables.

So, understanding that, what is the intended pinout when this feature becomes available?

Ah, now I understand your question. This feature is not yet implemented. The idea here is that the 1PPS GPS timing pulse can be delivered via the same 4-pin power cable. There would be no difference in pinout, but require that the power delivery device also outputs the timing pulse.

When you say that it isn’t yet implemented - does that mean this will never work on the current PMP450m, or just that Cambium hasn’t released the power source that also provides the timing signal?

When it is put in place, will the connector use only 2x pins for power, and the other 2x for sync pulse, or will it continue to use 4x pins for power?

The current radio hardware will support this feature. There is no power delivery device currently available that applies the signal.

The device will continue to use all 4 pins for power, but carry this sync pulse in addition to the power.

What pin carries the GPS pulse, and is there a particular return pin for it, or just either 0V pin?

It doesn’t work exactly like that, all pins have voltage. It’s a proprietary (patented) technology involving voltage differentials.

Hello @CambiumMatt, is very interesting the “Sync-over-power” feature.
I was wondering if you know when Cambium will release it in the PMP 450m 3GHz? even more so knowing that you have already done it with the new cnWave 28: Cambium_Networks_data_sheet_28GHz_Base_Transceiver.pdf (1.4 MB).

I know that right now there is a power device on the market that can deliver power and 1PPS timing pulse via the same 4-pin cable specially designed for this.
Thanks in advance!

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