PMP 450M cnMedusa Performance vs Expectations

A network operator in the US recently reported achieving 270 Mbps in a 20 MHz channel with 125 subscribers on the sector - they are amazed.  Share screen shots of your system delivering high throughput to populated sectors. 

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With Link Capacity Test Multiple ID or real-time traffic?

there was a clear channel or interfered channel?

Is AP only have 57 clients connected to it, but I've noticed there is less of a drop off in usage since the state issued a stay at home order. Out in California. Current traffic is on the left side of each graph


So, really the only break your network is getting is between 2-8am. Guess nobody streams Netflix over morning coffee...

Quick curiosity: It took me a while to understand the timing... it seems like your graphs are the opposite direction of what I usually see. That is, the most recent data is on the left hand side... am I seeing that correctly? I have never seen that before. More typically, graphs build out to the right.

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Yes Matt, we modify our graphing to show most recent data on left side. That way its eaiser to line up with the legend and see what it equals to. Here is the same AP from last night. Peaked at 130mbps with 57 users connected last night between 9:00-10:00pm.

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Curious to know how customer experience is with 125subs averaging 2.14mbps each. Ive got very heavy users on a couple 450m APs and 35-40subs seems to be the max on a 40mgz channnel for us considering the plans we offer.

The screen shot below shows 235mbps max throughput and I have seen as high as 267mbps averging 7-8mbps per sub during peak hours.(450m)

I was surprised to see 1 of our 450i APs hit 160mbps throughput the day before this screen shot(screenshot shows 150mbps). (450i)

Overall very happy with the performance of this class!