PMP 450m lock to GPS signal (PPS)


I would like to ask about the time needed for the PMP 450m to lock to a valid GPS signal (PPS). Also, about what happens when the GPS signal is lost.


The 450m gets its sync signal from an external timing source. Assuming that the external timing source has a lock, then the 450m will get it’s sync almost immediately after starting up. You can check this on the Sync Status page:


Thank you very much for your reply.
One more thing I would like to ask is the following.
What is the maximum time error among different 450m that doesn’t create interference issues?
That is, what is the maximum time difference among the start of frame of different 450m Central stations in order not to have interference issues.

Also, what happens when GPS is lost?


Cambium provides a number of colocation sync tools you can find HERE.

When GPS sync is lost, assuming that free run is enabled on the AP, the AP will continue to transmit, but its timing will slowly drift out of sync with the other radios. When this happens interference will occur between AP’s. This can result in poor modulation, high latency and dropped packets to clients.