PMP network with PMP450B only ? What bout CMM5?

Dear Community
I m new on CAMBIUM PMP systems.
I found in a store some PMP450B and one CMM5.
My main question is: Can I set up a PMP network with these devices ?
Thanks for your help


Welcome to the Cambium Community.

The 450b units are subscriber modules. The CMM5 is a GPS synchronization unit. You need a 450i or 450m access points in the same band as the 450b units at your tower site to make up a point to multipoint network.

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CMM 5 is end of life as of 2025:

We upgraded our old Canopy in 2017 and that was the only thing available. Now if we were starting we would use the cnMatrix. One box for everything instead of the more complex CMM 5 setups (4+APs on tower).

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