PMP radio Maximum Throughput

i have a PMP 450 radio with 10 mbps Max Throughput but when i linkt test it it has 99.41 Mbps down and 63.34 Mbps Up with aggregate of 162.76 Mbps where did i get this link test if my Radio is capable only with the 10 Mbps max Throughput? this linktest is from the SM to AP wondering if my customer can get  that speed or it will throttle to 10 Mbps?

Link test speeds are not limited by the radios license or by default, the MIR. You can however select to run a test that is limited by the MIR by selecting "Link test with bridging and MIR".

thank you for the reply Eric but i test as well with "Link test with bridging and MIR" but the Result is 23.00Mbps downlink and 23.41Mbps uplink with a 46.42Mbps aggregate, but my my Radio is capable only with 10Mbps Maximum Throughput? is this mean customer can have a much speed rather that the Radio Capable of?

Do you have bursting enabled? Are you using 16.1.1 firmware?

i'm in 16.0.1 firmware i went to look at the configuration i couldn't see the selection to enable and disable burst but under QOS downlink burst allocation is 2500000 kbits and Uplink Burst allocation is same and

Max Burst Downlink Data rate is 0 kbps

Max Burst uplink Data rate is 0 kbps

Make sure your burst allocation and downlink/uplink rates are set to zero, save, reboot and then try another test.

And make sure to let us know how this works out for you marlon20.  :)