PMP100 - Internal Error

I have recently started enabling HTTPS on all of my PMP100 equipment and I have ran into 4 APs that do not let me log into them anymore, I just get the message "Internal Error" when I try to browse to that IP.  I can telnet and ping the radio just fine and the are operating correctly, just can't web brose into them.  Syslog is attached.

The ssl cert on the pmp100’s is now very much expired.
I had to upload a new ca-cert and a public cert to get https to work again. Its not a hard process to do but remember that you may need to push the certs to any device that is factory reset, I have had a few that dumped there certs on a factory reset.

if we factory reset, can we use https to manage our PTP configuration?

i use software version 13.4.1 , when i open with chrome browser it's say https internal eror

the certificate can not verify.. any suggestion about this error?

i need solution.pls reply who ever get this problem

Reboot the radio and please try with some other browser Mozzila , IE.

dear support canbium,

can u guide me , how can i using https in ptp 100 ?

i have issue which say internal error after i make the web gui become https

if i make it http port can open the management canbium congfiguration
pls give advice

give advice how can i change http port become port : 88 ?

On the Configuration -> Port Configuration , you can change port number of http/https etc. Please also check https using Mozilla firefox browser.

in PTP 100 there is no port configuration, only in AP , if PTP  450 have if we use software version 12.1.1

in PTP 100 we use software version 13.4.1 just have feature open web gui using http or https

ftp,telnet and tftp disable or enable  only, we change to web gui become https . we open using mozilla,IE, chrome get 

internal error, i try to close again the browser and reopen it's work now. but must reboot the PTP 100 5,8 BH20.. i think this is bug's for https in software version 13.4.1. just http can work well. but our company want to use https for secure. pls give advice to us.