PMP100 near new PMP450 2.4 GHz Interference


We are new to PMP450 and are having a timing issue between two of our towers located approx. 1.5 miles apart. I have read related posts, but just don't quite get the concept of how the 450 should be set so as not to interfer with the PMP 100. Could someone take my settings and ELI5 what I should change in the 450 please.

Current PMP 100 Settings...

Current PMP 450 Settings

Thank you very much.

Respectfully, I've read that. And I've put the numbers into the calculator. I don't understand. Would you please take just a minute, use my numbers, and show me the answer so that I can work through the problem and learn.

Have you read this?

What are the results when you run the frame calculator on the 450 given your parameters?

You can use the attached tool.

On the right side, I have input your PMP 100 parameters. On the left side, you can change the parameters if you need a different configuration for PMP 450.

If the two checks at the bottom are both green, then co-location is possible. If one of the checks is red, then you need to change one or more parameters, until they are both green. the easiest parameter to change is the downlink data, as it provides a fine granularity.

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Thank you! That is just what I needed!