PMP100 temperature

What temperature is shown in PMP100 web interface ?
In Home-General Status we have a field
Temperature : 20 °C / 67 °F
Is the temperature of ODU(radio) or IDU(power supply) ?

If it is the temperature of ODU then is not showing the real temperature.
Outside temperature is aroung -5 C and the equipment shows +20C

Thank you.

The temperature shown on the GUI of the PMP 100 radio is the board temperature. This usually runs 20 degree warmer than the ambient outside temperature.

What if outside we have 38 degree Celsius, the temperature will be 58?
In documentation we have a temperature span from
TEMPERATURE -40° F to +131° F (-40° C to +55° C)

55° C is the temperature of the environment or is the temperature that is shwon in the GUI ?

Great Question.

The temperature that is given in our documentation is for the outside ambient temperature, and not the board temperature.

Hope that helps.